We hope our website will answer most of your questions. If not, feel free to contact us at:

Westview Bible Church, 587 Delaware Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Phone: (619) 424-8444

Email:  wvbcib@gmail.com

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  1. Ellen and I thank you all at Westview for making the sunday sermons happen each week.
    Ellen and I have been doing well. Ellen cleans and dresses my wound everyday and Monday april 27, I will be seeing the wound and care specialist at Kaiser in Keraney Mesa at 9:45. They told us it will take three months for the surgery site to heal.
    We talk time to time with other members from Westview. They all are happy that I’m healing and will not be requiring any further treatment for the cancer.
    Dean & Sheila, you both work tirelessly every day and with smiles, compassion and understanding. You both are wonderful examples of Christs love to all the people for what ever their needs.
    Thank you so much for your faithful service here at Westview Bible Church.

    Dave & Ellen

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