New Testament Epistles

9:30 am Sunday

Dean Roberts

This expositional interactive study is designed to help believers dig deep into the New Testament writings from Romans through Revelation. The class is currently studying Revelation. This message to the church from Jesus through the Apostle John addresses three prophetic elements:

1) The role of Jesus now till the end of time and through eternity beyond.

2) The state of and direction to the church during this age.

3) The future of Israel, the Church and the lost across all time

This is Jesus’™ personal message to the saved and lost to come to Him in faith, believe in Him, and live our lives according to our glorious future.


Third Sunday during Worship Service 

Rick Riddell, George Harlin

Each time we share the Communion Table, a message from the Scriptures is shared to help draw us into the Lord’s presence in the Spirit with humility. Elders Rick Riddell or George Harlin explain relevant passages to help us focus on our standing in Christ and lead us to partake of the Lord’s table in a worthy manner that we might commune with Him together in the fullness of His joy.

Midweek Study & Prayer Group – Daniel

9:30 am Wednesday

Dean Roberts

The Prophet Daniel was given the most detailed and clearest prophesies for the future of Israel and the world, proclaiming among many things, that the Messiah will ultimately reign over all in glory. He is also one of the most faithful men in all of the Bible, repeatedly demonstrating the power, truth, faithfulness, wisdom, patience, and mercy of God

Women’s Growth Group 

6:30 pm Thursday

This time of fellowship, study, sharing and prayer is currently being developed by several women in the church. It launched in August, and there’s great excitement about the new format, content, and opportunity for the women of Westview to gather and grow! They are studying through the book In His Image by Jen Wilkin. This book explores the communicable attributes meaning those which believing people can and should also display in their words, attitudes, and deeds.

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