We all need a place to be loved and cared for, a place where we can grow in our relationships with God and others . . . a place to belong!

The Lord wants His Church to be that kind of place. We desire to provide a place for you and your family to belong. Westview Bible Church is a ministry where truth matters and love is practiced. If you are looking for a church that is committed to faithful biblical preaching and teaching in the context of a supportive, loving Christian community, Westview could be just the church for you!

If you’re searching for a church, feel free to try us out. You will experience no pressure while visiting us, not about coming back or for financial support, just encouragement to be our guest and worship and learn along with us. You will, however, experience the love of Christ through people who are committed to living like Him.

We pray regularly for those searching for a church who happen our way, that God will give them clarity and wisdom to discover the church home that He intends for them, be it Westview or another Bible-based, Christ-centered fellowship.

God bless you as you seek His leading.

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