We know a lot of people are wondering what’s next. What will life after COVID-19 be like. First of all, the Elders are committed to the health and safety of our congregation. Of course for us, that includes your spiritual health.

All of our decisions will be governed by those commitments. Listening to government officials at every level and, honestly, our own intention to come back safely, we plan on a phased return to onsite services. Current thought suggests that perhaps sometime in May, or possibly even June, through a combination of testing and, based on vulnerability, a softening of restrictions will commence.

California has not seen much in the way of testing, so we aren’t sure that will end up being part of the formula here; perhaps by then it will. In any case, we anticipate that younger, healthier individuals will be the first to have restrictions lifted. Then, if the virus cases continue to improve, at some point older and other more vulnerable individuals will be integrated back into public life.

The church will follow that plan, most likely whether it is what the rest of the country does or not. We have many vulnerable members, and we want to protect them as best we can. To that end, we will begin live-streaming church service on our first Sunday back, and plan to continue doing so going forward, even beyond COVID-19 measures.

The elders will keep everyone informed as we go forward through the many social media and communication channels we’ve engaged during this crisis. We’re looking forward to being together again, the same as all of you, and when we do, we’ll find ways to celebrate and promote opportunities to fellowship in person once again!

God willing, it will happen during our awesome IB summer months, which will make it all the more enjoyable! We’ll update this page any time we have new information to share.