Elders’ Notice

Due to the world pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), California Governor Newsom issued direction across the state to suspend gatherings greater than 250 people. San Diego County has reduced that number to greater than 50 people, and any other gathering where a six-foot safe zone cannot be established. This remains in effect until the end of May, and we expect any further direction to come as that time nears.

Also gatherings where older or unhealthier people attend should be limited to 10 with the safe zone.

Before we understood the full scope of this order, the elders were concerned about our congregation because we do have quite a number of older members and people with compromised immune systems.

When we understood the order, we determined that we at Westview Bible Church must comply with it, and we embrace the purpose behind it. While we believe that at times like this the church coming together is the best possible response, in this case, working across our state and nation to help protect us all is a good policy.  

It will be strange not to be together on Sundays, but God will use this for good in ways we can’t now imagine.  

As for services, we will be posting content on the church website.  We’ll set up a special page for everyone to go to regularly, to be blessed by the Word, and hopefully by our worship team in song. We will be working on this immediately and will start providing content next week.

This does present some unique challenges for all of us.  

For instance, we certainly don’t want to get in the habit of not coming to church. 

Remember the admonition in Hebrews 10:25 to “not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some.”

Also, we still need to pay our bills. Those won’t be suspended so we’™ll still need to submit our offerings. This can be done online via the church website, through the U.S. mail, or you can drop your offering in the church mailbox on the office door.

Finally, we encourage you, if you are healthy, do continue to spend time together with each other in the church family, we all need each other to thrive in Christ, and if you can’t risk getting together, use our amazing technology to talk or skype or facetime one another. We pray that God spares our nation from the worst of this virus, and that we can quickly come back together and continue to seek God here at Westview.

If you are a high-risk individual, we have young, healthy members who have volunteered to shop or run critical errands for you, please contact Sheila if you need help.

If you have any questions, you can contact any of the Elders, or Sheila Roberts, Ministries Coordinator at 619-424-8444.

God bless you.

The Elder Board – Dean, Rick and George