Let us never forget those whose lives were tragically taken from us at the hands of terrorist who believed in religious intolerance and tyranny and the heroism of our first responders who ran towards the burning Twin Towers not away from danger. In the hopes of saving lives, many of them lost theirs. May we ever pray for the loved ones of those who perished on

September 11, 2001.

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at Westview Bible Church you’ll discover a Christian family

    • Passionate about our love for God and others,
    • Dedicated to the principles of God’s Word, and
    • Devoted to the glory of God.

Westview Bible Church is committed to the clear & faithful teaching of God’s Word. We seek to understand and apply biblical teaching  to our everyday lives so that God’s principles affect how we think, talk and act.

Our ultimate desire is that our lives, ministry and worship would be well-pleasing to God and a blessing to those around us.

Our goal as a church family is to introduce others to the joy of knowing Christ, help them grow in God’s grace and equip them to serve the Lord and others from worshipful hearts that love Him.

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